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But, we always have to check the gut (kinda — like if there wasn’t any HARD evidence against this, it was going to remain the answer). 

Here’s where I landed and what I learned. *DISCLAIMER*: You know I host the Mean Girl Pod - we love a good contradiction and the classic ”I just ate my words” moment. So, I reserve the right to redo this later.

For now, ladies and gentlemen, here’s the policy and the why:

Unlimited PTO: Unlimited time off enhances work-life balance. People feel less boxed in and constrained, resulting in better work when they are working. Employees develop a strong sense of ownership over their role and self-control. And, I think, you weed out the shit heads fast. This method requires trust, and you’ll learn really quickly who will get stuff done. Then in turn, take that vacation to Bali - do your thing 21.

Working Hours: Its not the amount of hours you clock. It’s making those hours count. 

Ok love you all - happy work wife, happy life.

After Julie’s onboarding session she said (logically) “I just have a few questions” 

*I’m thinking, ahh yes.. she probably needs a password to something*

She replies “What’s our PTO policy and working hours?”

*It was at this moment I realized I was insane*

My gut said unlimited PTO? 

We’re working on building the infrastructure for Just Media - laying the foundation so we can onboard new creators. We hired Brandon, the Brand Strategy Director from Barstool Sports, and Julie, a former project manager. 

The Just Media team has grown from two to four in the past few weeks. They say “four’s a party” - which is why we added two more people to make sure work will always be FUN. Kidding. The actual story is that I received the advice, "There's one thing you can't buy, and that's momentum." Which meant it was time to pull the trigger and make the necessary hires to keep the momentum going.

Why PTO is unlimited at Just Media  — and it’s not close.

NOVEMBER 21, 2023

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