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Miami Hotspots

JANUARY 26, 2024

In this guide, I've categorized the top spots in Miami into two groups: the upscale Miami Vibe (1, 2, and 4) and the less stereotypical but equally fantastic experiences (3 and 5). 

Before diving in, a special shout-out to Papi Steak – a delightful surprise that turned out to be delicious, fun, and great service. Highly recommended even though it's not on the top 5.

1. Delilah

Delilah gets the #1 spot because there’s nothing better than something not only living up to the hype but exceeding it.

What’s the vibe?! Like the vibe-iest cruise ship you’ve ever been on. One of the best atmospheres I’ve seen for a restaurant. Get ready to have a NIGHT.
What to wear… UPSCALE! Dress to impress and have fun with it. The outfits were funky and classy.
What to order… The salads were unreal but don’t sleep on the chicken tenders.

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2. Carbone

What’s the vibe?! Think chic, classic, upscale vibe with Stevie Wonder playing. 

What to wear… Dress to impress. Guys can do a t-shirt here, just make it a vibe. 

What to order… I can’t have dairy but if you can, get the Spicy Rigatoni. I do, however, swear by the beef carpaccio.

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3. Joe’s Stone Crab

What’s the vibe?! White tablecloth classic! 

What to wear… You can wear whatever, but there’s a wide age range and the older people look nice. So, I would say, dress appropriately :) 

What to order… The stone crab!!! We did medium because large is.. too large. They are so GOOD.

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4. Casadonna

What’s the vibe?! Major Miami vibe for a night out or brunch outside. Upscale with a  VIBE! Think dresses and heels for girls, and boys, dress accordingly.

What to wear… Dress to impress 

What to order… Any of the fish. So fresh. We ordered a lot of fish and greens and the food was excellent.

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5. Walrus Rodeo

What’s the vibe?! Ok so it’s in a strip mall (the best food always is) but it’s not a hole in the wall. The demographic was sophisticated locals, however, it’s not fancy. 

What to wear… Casual. You can wear jeans a sweater. Grubby is too casual, but you don’t need to dress up.

What to order… We ordered three times because the food was so good. Everything is cooked in a wood fire oven. My mouth is watering! The pizza, the ribs, *and the carrot dip appetizer * = a must! 

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