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OKC Hotspots

JANUARY 26, 2024

I love OKC but must admit I haven't been back enough to know which spots are still up and running. I am, however, in a group text with my girls back home. We compiled a list of old favorites and new hot spots below. Three categories: Bars, Nice dinner spots, and Okie specialties (these are wear your sweatpants and enjoy the food spots).


Bar Arbolada

Vibe: Small but hopping! A good vibe most nights of the week.
Wear: OKC casual or cute. It is what you make it!
Order: Any drink.. and the burger!

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Mahogany Bar

Vibe: Upscale steak house - bar is in the front! 

Wear: Dress up :) have some fun with it.

Order: The bread is mouth-watering. Then, caesar salad, steak and martini. Or two!

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Vibe: All the cool (young) kids are going. 

Wear: Casual and have fun! 

Order: The burger and quesadilla. Beers.

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Oklahoma Ranch

Vibe: For those who crave a two-steppin’ vibe!

Wear: Those boots are made for dancin’ of course.

Order: whatever gets you to dance. This place isn’t about the taste of the drinks lol.

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Vibe: Dollar bills on the wall. 

Wear: I’ve worn dresses and I’ve worn sweatpants.

Order: The lunch box. Warning: hangover included…

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DINNER Night Out

The Ranch

Vibe: Southern Steakhouse.

Wear: Jeans and a sweater. The food is good and knows it, dress like it but no need to overdo it.

Order: the steak and Caesar salad. Baked potato. Steak fries.

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The Drake

Vibe: Stylish yet relaxed.

Wear: Dress up a bit, the atmosphere is exciting. 

Order: Crab cake, halibut, lobster roll.

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Stock and Bond

Vibe: Downtown steakhouse. Old school country vibe meets modern.

Wear:  Look nice :) the hotel, First National, is awesome.

Order: Steak and steak fries.

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The Jones Assembly

Vibe:  Modern American flare

Wear: Hip-casual or upscale 

Order: Frose!!! Or a Disco nap. Hummus and bread. Pizza. Pretzel. Okra

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Vibe: Elegant bistro

Wear: Put on a sweater and jeans for your momma 

Order: Filet, pasta, fried steak. Get dessert!

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Ted’s Mexican

Vibe: Tex Mex with the chips on the table!!!!

Wear: Anything goes.

Order: Homemade tortillas, fajitas! Marg.

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Vibe: Steakhouse in the stockyards. 

Wear: You can wear a t-shirt but you’ll see the cowboys! 

Order: Starburst drinks, not on the menu…ask. Calf fries!

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Vibe: Baskets of chicken and pay with cash.

Wear: Anything goes.

Order: Chicken!!! Orka

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Clark Crews BBQ

Vibe: BBQ joint with good vibes.

Wear: Anything goes.

Order: Pulled pork or ribs.

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Halls Pizza

Vibe: Pizza joint, cute waiters. 

Wear: Casual… jeans and a sweater, or your workout clothes.

Order: You simply can’t go wrong, amazing dessert options.

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