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Romanticize Your Life

FEBRUARY 05, 2024

I truly believe in the phrase, “no risk, no story.” Everyone has a life they dream of, and the life they live today. The question is, why are the two not the same? And how far away are we from the one we dream? 


I don’t think we’re that far. In fact, I think we’re a few steps and a change in perspective away.


That’s why at Just Media we’ve dedicated February to “Romanticizing your life”. January is all about “New Year Energy” - so let’s make February all about implementing it. It’s not the cards you’re dealt, it’s how you play them. 


So let’s play them right.

A few things we’re asking ourselves at Just Media:


  1. What would you do if you weren’t afraid? 

  2. What are some qualities you wish you exuded when you were around people? For example: I wish I had the courage to be totally myself. I wish I didn’t gossip with certain friends. I wish I could stand up for myself

In order to fully ask yourself these questions and dive into the act of romanticizing your life, you must realize who he or she is… you have to find her. 


What are her wellness habits?

Where is her focus?

How do people treat her?

What does she consume on social media? 

What are her boundaries? 


Ask yourself these questions and dig deep to find out where you are able to focus your energy and make your life what you dream it can be. This month let’s do it scared and move the needle. Remember where focus goes, energy flows.

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