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We’re all just trying to figure it out. Alex doesn't have all the answers - but, she’s trying to find them (not necessarily the right answers - just answers). Join in as she covers everything from relationships, to work, to managing the twists and turns life throws at us. In this lifestyle podcast, you’ll hear from Alex, her bf, her friends/family AND experts who can help guide her (AND you) through life.

with Alex Bennett

Just Alex



Alex Bennett is the CEO & Founder of Just Media House and the co-host of the popular Mean Girl Podcast and the host of Just Alex. She has amassed a loyal following of 500K+ followers across her social media platforms. In 2021, Bennett caught Barstool Sports' attention with TikTok content she was creating with her mom. Alex co-created Barstool's first-ever mother/daughter show, “Mother Knows Best”, with her mom, Kim. In January 2022, Bennett and Jordyn Woodruff debuted the Mean Girl podcast geared towards their audience of young women, offering a candid and humorous perspective on topics such as sex, friendship, mental health, and navigating city life as outsiders. The Mean Girl podcast quickly gained traction and became a fan-favorite Barstool podcast, ultimately securing its place as a top 8 brand at the media company.In Fall of 2023, Alex and Jordyn exited Barstool to create Just Media House. At Just Media House, Alex hopes to continue to grow her content for her multitudes of listeners who love to hear her candid advice and anecdotes, while also representing new podcasts. 

Alex Bennett

Just Media Founder, CEO

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