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Welcome to ‘Just An Era’ with Sam Taylor. A show where Sam shares stories of her life where she opens up about things she’s learned, mistakes she’s made and memories she’s made. All things relationships, friendships, mental health, family and most importantly living a healthy lifestyle. The conversations are raw yet relatable. Join in once a week and soak it all in as you’ll feel like you are on FaceTime with one of your best friends.  Find every episode on Apple Podcast, Spotify or Youtube. And for more Sam Taylor content follow her on instagram at @ssam.ttaylor !!

with Sam Taylor

Just An Era



Sam Taylor is a lifestyle creator whose passion is living a healthy balanced lifestyle. She show cases that through her love for food, fashion, fitness workouts and social life. She wants girls to know its possible to hit wellness goals in a fun and unrestricted way. She is a former college athlete originally from Boston, MA and moved down to Austin, Texas in 2021.

Sam Taylor

Podcast Host and Entrepreneur

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