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Listen to riveting life stories shared by a diverse array of individuals, guided by Ian Bick whose own stint in federal prison offers a unique viewpoint as host. In his captivating show, Ian connects with people from all walks of life, spanning former inmates, recovering addicts, law enforcement officers, legal experts, mental health specialists and those who've weathered traumatic experiences and failure. 

with Ian Bick

Locked In



Eager to discuss ambition, Ian's entrepreneurial spirit shone early as he became the owner of a nightclub at the tender age of 18. His venues hosted some of Danbury, Connecticut's most legendary parties, featuring renowned acts such as Steve Aoki, the Chainsmokers, and 21 Savage. Success seemed inevitable, but there was an unexpected twist on the horizon. Ian's business endeavors took an unforeseen turn, plunging him into a world of debt, a gambling addiction, and the immense pressure of keeping his investors satisfied. These challenges propelled him into the complex web of the legal system, resulting in his incarceration from ages 21 to 24 for wire fraud and money laundering. Upon his release, Ian returned home, determined to lead a quiet and uneventful life. However, the ambitious spirit that had driven him throughout his tumultuous journey remained unyielding. Older and wiser, Ian was ready to harness the lessons of his past to create something extraordinary. Instead of burying his past, he chose to lay it bare. Ian leveraged social media as his incubator, cultivating a brand focused on sharing stories like his own. After gaining traction on TikTok, Ian launched his podcast, "Locked In with Ian Bick," where he engages with former inmates, law enforcement officials, lawyers, and others who have been touched by the criminal justice system and whose voices so often go unheard.

Ian Bick

Podcast Host and Entrepreneur

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