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Welcome to your Not So Sick community. Co-hosted by Bisma Lalji, who is in the depths of battling stage 4 metastatic breast cancer and Alex Wildeson, who is and has been battling several autoimmune diseases her whole life, such as polyarteritis nodosa and MCTD, to name a few. This podcast is a place where we talk mental health, resilience and humor in the pursuit of finding a fulfilling life amidst turbulent times.

with Bisma Lalji and Alex Wildeson 

Not So Sick Chicks



Alex is the Co-Host of “The Not So Sick Chicks”. However, her career stemmed from the world of hard assets at prestigious firms that emerged from leaders at Goldman Sachs. Most recently, she worked as an investor at a large Texas pension and played a critical role in manager selection and allocation across the private equity, growth equity and venture capital ecosystems. Her passion for innovation was ignited through her instrumental work in the Platform’s initial investments into the web3 and blockchain space and foray into early-stage venture capital. However, after a challenging health episode in 2023, Alex pivoted into the entrepreneurial world. 

Alex champions health and wellness. Inspired by her own experiences, she envisions a holistic approach to health that integrates Western medicine, ancient wisdom, and modern physics. This vision led her to entrepreneurial endeavors as the co-host and co-founder of the podcast “The Not So Sick Chicks,” where Alex provides a voice and a community for those navigating similar health challenges. Outside of her professional and entrepreneurial endeavors, Alex finds joy in mentoring others, gardening, and enjoying long walks with her dogs and husband.

Alexandra Wildeson

Just Media Founder, CEO

Bisma comes from a unique geographical background of being born and raised in Karachi, Pakistan and immigrating to the U.S. (Austin, TX) with her family while in elementary school. She spent her childhood and teens being a competitive tennis player, an avid reader, and maintaining her continuous curiosity in how and why things and people operate the way they do.

For undergrad, Bisma attended the University of Texas at Austin, majoring in Petroleum Engineering and being a leader in many student organizations during her time, as well as being a *huge* UT football fan and helping with football recruitment efforts for the university. She spent the majority of her petroleum career at Shell in Houston, TX, eventually leaving to pursue her interests of “doing more and learning even more” and wanting to go to business school. 

In 2018, Bisma graduated from Chicago Booth with an MBA and started her new career in investment banking and advisory at a boutique bank started by ex-Goldman Sachs bankers (where she met Alex!), and later pivoted to technology investment banking in San Francisco. Most recently, Bisma continues to work in Finance & Strategy in the private segment, at GoFundMe, the popular crowdfunding platform, helping to raise $30B+ to date for individuals and nonprofits in need. 

In 2023, Bisma’s finance career ambitions were slowed down as she was diagnosed suddenly with stage 4 metastatic breast cancer and turned her attention to literally fighting for her life. Bisma today lives a natural, holistic, health-forward lifestyle while working on entrepreneurial endeavors in the health space, including co-hosting the Not So Sick Chicks podcast. Her true passion is people and building communities, to help people help each other. 

Bisma Lalji

Just Media COO

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